Monday, February 2, 2015

Africa Solar Fund: Update on TanzSolar Home Lighting Program

TanzSolar has been working hard to bring solar light to schools in rural Tanzania, and their efforts are making a really big difference in the lives of students normally unable to study past dusk.  Solar lights give ambitious and dedicated students the edge they need to get ahead and really make a difference in achieving their scholastic goals.

TanzSolar is currently supplying a new type of portable solar lanterns which is called NIWA and DASOL home lighting systems at reasonable price from its new shipment that has just arrived. Due to a big demand of solar energy units, TanzSolar is working hard to ensure that is in a position of being a solution to people's demand by having enough equipment and products to fulfill market demand. Your funds allow us to reduce the price on these lights by 50% so that people can afford them.

Many families are happy due to the fact that they don't have to spend money on kerosene and can save money for buying food, school fees and medical care. Children have bright light to study and don't breathe carbon gas and fumes from kerosene lanterns any more.

This project is nearly fully funded. Please help us finish it off! And we encourage you to support TanzSolar's project to bring solar lighting to schools. Very soon we hope to add a project to electrify health care facilities as well.

A small donation from you could make a huge difference in a student's life.  

Thank you for your support!

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