Sunday, April 27, 2014

What a Difference a Light Makes!

Do you remember the last time there was a power outage??   If you live on the East Coast, your memory of such things might be a little fresher, but either way, I bet you just didn't know what to DO with yourself!  Imagine living life that way ~ without access to all of the technical gadgets we hold dear, but more than that ~ without light.  I remember living in Africa in the Peace Corps, & people just pretty much go to bed when the sun goes down.   Makes sense.

Africa Solar Fund is working hard to bring solar lighting to rural areas in East Africa, & is making a video to exemplify this need to people in the US, Europe & our 'developed' world where we can hardly imagine life without electricity, let alone the hardships & difficulties associated with life without light.

Anna, our videographer, starts out the video below, & that's me [awkwardly] explaining the program & fundraiser (with Russell in my lap ~ my beloved charge for my dog-sitting side job).  I am proud to be on the board of Africa Solar Fund, which is helping bring much-needed light to rural villages in Africa.

Have a look, & please contribute if you're able.  Just a few dollars could change an entire family's life drastically in Africa.

It'll feel really good.

I promise.

Find out more here:

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