Saturday, June 9, 2012

NorCal Solar's Solar Picnic

NorCal Solar hosted their summer-kickoff networking event to show their appreciation to their members and ring in what's looking to be a beautiful and sunny solar season!  A plethora of solar cookers cooked a variety of dishes in the sun, like Jambalaya, Turkey Lasagne, Tuna Casserole & African Rice.  Generous members brought brownies & cookies for dessert, and talented Business Members, Aram Solar catered some delicious tri-tip sandwiches and potato salad.  It was a great day all around, with great food, fun games and music powered by a Solar Suitcase.  If you weren't able to make this fun summer kickoff, sign up to receive email updates from NorCal Solar !

NorCal Solar's Development Director, Karyn Ellis serves up some turkey lasagna from the Sport Oven

Board Member, Franz Feuerherdt & Karyn Ellis demonstrate some solar cooked delicacies. 

Chocolate brownies baking in a CooKit, donated by Solar Cookers International (SCI).  

Bing Gu of California Sunlight in Sacramento demonstrated their Solar Oven & BBQ. 

Games were played, & only a few unlucky ones got the wrong end of Pete's raw egg toss.  

Music was powered by a Solar Suitcase, loaned by WE CARE Solar.

Chris & crew from Aram Solar dished out some delicious tri-tip sandwiches.

A SunOven & parabolic cooking away in the sun.

Karyn checks the parabolic, a very powerful solar cooker. 

Board Member Pete Shoemaker, clearly up to no good.  

A beautiful day to sit outside & eat good food cooked by the sun !

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