Monday, June 11, 2012

TanzSolar: Winning Awards in Africa !!

I am so proud to know & work with this amazing company based in Berkeley & Northern TZ:

Press Release                                                                                              
 7 June 2012

Solar Entrepreneur TanzSolar Wins Award for Championing
Environmental Change in Africa

Last night, on the island of Mauritius, the annual Green Africa Award for Business was awarded to TanzSolar ( for championing environmental change in Africa. TanzSolar received the Award for bringing clean, renewable solar energy and electric lighting to villagers in Tanzania. TanzSolar received the Green Business & Environmental Management Award, one of ten categories.

“We are thrilled and this is an enormous honor to receive such an award. It’s nice to be recognized for our hard work in solar energy in Africa” said Marianne Walpert, Founder and Director of TanzSolar.

Since 2007 TanzSolar has been working in the rural, northern regions of Tanzania to bring clean, renewable solar energy and electric lighting to village homes, schools and medical facilities.  TanzSolar is a nonprofit Tanzania based company that has distributed over 7,000 subsidized solar-lighting systems.  Nonetheless millions of rural households and businesses remain without access to electricity, so this work is just beginning.

In much the same way that cell phones have replaced the need for telephone lines throughout much of the African continent, solar electricity generation has the potential to eliminate the need for extensive power lines and central station electricity generation.  Tanzania has a very limited power distribution system, reaching only 10% of its population of 45 million.  Even with this limited reach there is often insufficient power available to supply the electricity required, resulting in regular power outages.

Solar energy, by contrast, is in abundant supply and getting more and more affordable.  While it is still too expensive for most rural Tanzanians, with subsidies TanzSolar has been able to make this technology available.  Of course, solar electricity generation has only flourished in the US and Europe because of subsidies, so it should come as no surprise that the Least Developed Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa should also require assistance.  Solar electricity can enable environmentally sustainable development in Africa.

For more information about TanzSolar and solar lighting in Tanzania see:
For more information about Green Africa Awards see:!__green-awards

contact person: Marianne Walpert

Saturday, June 9, 2012

NorCal Solar's Solar Picnic

NorCal Solar hosted their summer-kickoff networking event to show their appreciation to their members and ring in what's looking to be a beautiful and sunny solar season!  A plethora of solar cookers cooked a variety of dishes in the sun, like Jambalaya, Turkey Lasagne, Tuna Casserole & African Rice.  Generous members brought brownies & cookies for dessert, and talented Business Members, Aram Solar catered some delicious tri-tip sandwiches and potato salad.  It was a great day all around, with great food, fun games and music powered by a Solar Suitcase.  If you weren't able to make this fun summer kickoff, sign up to receive email updates from NorCal Solar !

NorCal Solar's Development Director, Karyn Ellis serves up some turkey lasagna from the Sport Oven

Board Member, Franz Feuerherdt & Karyn Ellis demonstrate some solar cooked delicacies. 

Chocolate brownies baking in a CooKit, donated by Solar Cookers International (SCI).  

Bing Gu of California Sunlight in Sacramento demonstrated their Solar Oven & BBQ. 

Games were played, & only a few unlucky ones got the wrong end of Pete's raw egg toss.  

Music was powered by a Solar Suitcase, loaned by WE CARE Solar.

Chris & crew from Aram Solar dished out some delicious tri-tip sandwiches.

A SunOven & parabolic cooking away in the sun.

Karyn checks the parabolic, a very powerful solar cooker. 

Board Member Pete Shoemaker, clearly up to no good.  

A beautiful day to sit outside & eat good food cooked by the sun !