Friday, March 9, 2012

Auto-Tracking Solar Powered BBQ

I had the opportunity to meet with the founder & CEO of California Sunlight yesterday, and check out their Auto-Tracking Solar Cooker:

The super-focus of a Fresnel lens allows the temperature of the device to be easily controlled, and with it's various attachments can be used as a solar oven, stove, BBQ, food dehydrator, water heater/distiller, and even a rotisserie. 

The thin, light & super-efficient Fresnel lens, originally used to distribute light in lighthouses, directs the sun onto a mirror inside the cooker's main frame, and is then directed to the chamber on the left where the cooking, heating, BBQing, etc. is done; the mini-solar panels on the right power the auto-tracker, ensuring that the solar chef never need adjust the cooker until the food or water is ready.  It can even be used indoors!

Here's a video that shows how it works:

Pretty cool if you ask me!

Check out California Sunlight's website for more information.


  1. This is a great find, thanks for sharing. I love how better and more affordable solar energy solutions are becoming. That thing does seem a little pricy though.

    1. Thanks Joe ~ yes, the ever-evolving affordability of solar technology is exciting, but it's the new & interesting ways that this technology is being used that is really inspiring! I really like how this solar cooker combines different technologies normally used for other purposes & fashions an entirely new design for solar thermal technology.

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