Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The ‘Cookit’ creates a stir in Chad

The power of the sun holds the key to at least some of the challenges facing communities in Eastern Chad. 

That was the conclusion of Cord’s research last year, validated by a successful pilot and is now the focus of a new $200,000 programme funded by Jewish World Watch.

Some 280,000 Sudanese have crossed the border from Sudan into Chad since the eruption of violence in the Darfur region in 2003. Inevitably, tensions rise between these new encamped communities and the local Chadian population. Not only is competition over scarce firewood for cooking and heating a common cause of conflict between the two communities, but it also leaves women exposed to the risk of violence when they travel the ever-increasing distances necessary to collect it.

See the full article here.

Want a CooKit of your own?  Check out Solar Cookers International's website & buy one for about $25!

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