Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vented Cookstoves Key in Pneumonia Fight

Did you know that 3 billion people ~ nearly half the world's population, still rely on wood, coal, crop waste or animal dung for indoor cooking and heating? The resulting indoor air pollution contributes mightily to severe pneumonia, especially among women and young children. At 1.6 million deaths per year, garden-variety pneumonia is now the leading killer of children under 5 worldwide - more than AIDS, malaria and TB combined. According to new data published in the journal NeuroToxicology, prenatal exposure to carbon monoxide generated by indoor smoke can also have long-term effects on child IQ. The good news is this: Something as simple as an indoor stove with a smoke-reducing chimney can change this ugly picture.Vented cookstoves are key in pneumonia fight - San Bernardino County Sun

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