Friday, May 20, 2011

SEI's Panel Installation Course in Boulder

The Introduction to Solar Panel Installation (PV101) course in Boulder, CO last week was amazing! A perfect introduction to PV installation techniques, Ed Eaton did a stellar job of explaining the very detailed basics of panel installation, while Kevin Lundy showed exemplary skills in demonstrating the equipment to the class in a comprehensible manner. The class of 30+ worked hard to absorb all the material, risked life & limb checking live arrays in the year's biggest rain storm, & jumped for joy (okay, that was me) when the system we constructed as a group got hooked up to the grid! A huge success, in this disciple's opinion. To think this could be my new career makes me so happy : )

Some of the boys checking out a standard panel.

Ed hookin' up the tunes.

Kevin demonstrating voltage testing.

Field trip.

Class time.

Strippin' wires.

Proud of our little array.

Waitin' to get turned on!


  1. That sounds like an awesome class. I also love Ed's beard. So is this your calling? :)

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