Friday, February 11, 2011

Solar Energy International (SEI) offers Work Trade Programs !

Score Big & Get Trained through an Internship @ SEI

Well color me happy ~ I do believe I've hit the jackpot !! I recently signed up for a Work-Trade position with Solar Energy International (SEI), which will allow me to take all the courses I need to get certified in PV (photovoltaic/panel) installation, in exchange for two months as a glorified intern. This is an amazing opportunity, since SEI's classes are NABCEP accredited and I would never be able to afford this kind of training otherwise. SEI has one of the best reputations in solar energy training in the world, & I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them ~ let alone get such valuable training in return!

I'll be working with the International Programs & Marketing/Communications departments, networking with internationally-oriented affiliates about upcoming classes & identifying outreach opportunities with potentially collaborative organizations. This fits in well with my international development & solar cooking background, & will allow me to rekindle contacts with organizations I've worked with in the past, as well as make new alliances in concurrent renewable energy forums. In return I will receive about 6 months of invaluable training in solar electric design & installation, preparing me to sit for the NABCEP national energy certification test.

The staff @ SEI's Carbondale-based offices are some of the nicest & most accomplished people I've met in the solar industry, & I count myself lucky to be a part of their experienced and enthusiastic workforce.

If you've ever wanted to get trained in or learn more about solar electric design; panel installation; hot water, wind or micro-hydro procedures; solar technology business planning; technical sales; specialized teaching; or appropriate renewable energies for developing areas ~ SEI is THE PLACE to do it. Their diverse & credentialed staff provide training courses around the nation & the world, including CO, AZ, CA, AR, WA, UT, Costa Rica, Cuba & Nicaragua; online classes are also available.

Check 'em out!

Solar Energy International (SEI)
Carbondale, CO 81623-0715
Phone: (970) 963-8855

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