Friday, September 18, 2009

New SCI Offices in Kenya

The new offices in Kakamega and Kisumu in Kenya are positioned in popular areas where many passers-by pop in to see what's cookin' outside and check out our new products, like the Nova Solar Lantern that now charges cell phones as well as lighting up a room.

Kakamega is a trek to get to, but once there it opens up into a beautiful, green utopia in the lush hills of Western Kenya. There is a vibrant modernity to this town, and our Kakamega officers are excited by the liberal atmosphere of their new home, and the positive reactions to alternative energies that they've received.

Various alternative cooking technologies available at the office, located in a convenient spot in town.

Simon & Julius in front of the Kakamega office.

Simon's cute son.

Simon in front of his garden.

Dinner at a schwank restaurant.

SCI office in Kisumu.

Solar cookers, fuel-efficient stoves & solar lanterns available at the Kisumu office.

Lunch on the lake with Elijah and Eric.

You can't beat the fish on Lake Vic!

Beautiful Lake Victoria

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