Friday, September 25, 2009

Follow-Up Workshop in Musuma, TZ: Fall 2009

Together with Margaret Owino, SCI's East Africa Director, I arranged a follow-up workshop for the 30+ participants of the previous two solar cooking trainings in Musoma, TZ. Fostering a partnership with Global Resource Alliance (GRA), we are working to bring a sustainable solar cooking program to this Tanzanian region of Lake Victoria. The workshop participants are dedicated and enthusiastic, working in numerous diverse regions in the area and under a variety of vocations. It was a pleasure working with them again, and with a home base provided at GRA to obtain additional materials and training, I have no doubt that solar cooking will spread well in this area.

The wall outside the TanzSolar compound. I try to ensure that TanzSolar and SCI work together as often as possible to supplement shared, respective solar technologies and programs.

Workshop participants preparing food to solar cook. These folks are experts by now, and this workshop is simply to answer questions and brainstorm training methods and income generating activities.

Team putting the food into the plastic bag to retain the heat absorbed by the black pot.

Placing the pot & bag into the solar cooker.

A man making a cake in Africa?! Will wonders never cease...

The facilitators ~ myself and Margaret Owino of SCI's East Africa Office in Nairobi.

Omena ~ tiny fish. Totally grody.

Getting the food out of the solar cookers for lunch after a long morning in the workshop.

A feast of solar cooked food.

Happy participants enjoying their solar cooked food.

Amazed that all this food was cooked by the sun!

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