Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sun Spots Newsletter ~ Fall 2007

Sun Spots Newsletter ~ Fall 2007

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a new member of the SCI staff at such an exciting time. Given my professional & educational background in sustainable development & environmental systems, along with a focus on simple solar technologies for women in rural Africa for my MS in International Development Technology, this position for me was a long time coming! I’ve never felt better suited to a company and its goals and aspirations.

SCI has so much potential in this ever-growing field, and I look forward to being an integral part of its expansion in developing countries across the world. With Sunny Solutions as a successful model in various regions in Kenya, the International Program Development segment of SCI looks to broaden its horizons to other countries in need of alternative methods of obtaining clean drinking water and fuel for cooking. I am eagerly anticipating my trip to Kenya next month to meet Margaret and the rest of the Sunny Solutions team and see for myself the inspiring work going on in our overseas branch.

In the immediate future, SCI looks to continue its partnerships with other humanitarian relief agencies to assist refugees in Africa, integrating training and follow-up services to ensure effective and appropriate assistance and a sustainable outcome. I personally would like to see increased collaborations with existing volunteers in government organizations overseas, such as Peace Corps, Crisis Corps and the Red Cross, to give solar technology reliable exposure in areas where there is established need for improved water quality and reduction of resource expenditure.

In all upcoming projects, it is SCI’s hope that solar water pasteurization and cooking technologies will work hand in hand to achieve a better quality of life for people in rural communities, by significantly reducing deforestation and contaminated water, and by giving women and girls more time to generate income and spend time with their families.